Aerial Yoga!

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor, and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze” sling suspended at waist height, developed by a yoga teacher and aerialist. The hammock used in the class is made of the same fabric that circus aerialists use. In aerial yoga body weight is distributed between fabric and the floor, allowing our bodies to access traditional yoga postures in new ways. Using the sling makes for very little pressure or stress on the joints, especially on the spine. Inversions are accessed easily with no strain on the neck, back, or shoulders.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of Yoga Girls Orlando

Strength-wise, hanging in the hammock makes our core muscles burn. It’s an activity that you have so much fun doing, you don’t even realize what a great workout your body is getting! This workout method builds upper body strength, and resting in the postures heightens relaxation for a balanced overall effort.

Aerial yoga was designed for anyone of any age or fitness level!

For more information and visuals, visit Yoga Girls Orlando.

Information and pictures sourced by & Tumblr.

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