Give Indoor Cycling a Try

We decided to stay true to our fitness class bucket list from last week and give the classes we discussed a try. Not only do they seem fun, but spicing up a workout is a key part of staying motivated.

The first one up? Indoor cycling. A brave Danskin team member volunteered to attend a class at a spinning studio in Manhattan and lived to tell about it.

What to Expect:

Expect a high-energy cardio workout that really tests your endurance and strength with interval training to the beat of a great playlist. Every class is different, but there?s just something about good music that helps you keep moving even when you feel you have nothing left to give. An inspiring instructor coached our Danskin team member through the end without quitting. She claims she wouldn?t have made it through the 45 minute class without him.


Very intense. You?re moving throughout the entire class. Even when you?re sitting on your bike, your legs are still going. Our volunteer said, ?Breathing technique is super important otherwise you will find yourself totally out of breath and gasping for air because you don?t really get a chance to sit down and rest.?

Sweat Level:

High. You start sweating almost instantly and you don?t stop until you leave.


Even though your bike is stationery, you?re still constantly moving around. Wear a high impact sports bra for maximum support. Also, leggings or bike shorts are the way to go. Loose pant legs can get caught in your bike and seem like an accident waiting to happen. Last but not least, bring a change of clothing for when you leave! No one wants to walk around after a workout with a drenched t-shirt. We recommend bringing an alternative top for post fitness class activities.

Have you taken an indoor cycling class recently? Every spin class is different depending on where you go. Do your research, read reviews and ask your friends for suggestions. Share your experiences with us on our Facebook page and Twitter!

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