#DanskinDetermination Inspirational Instagram of the Week: @kaitlyn_laurido

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As a young, multitalented star on the rise, Kaitlyn Laurido embodies the spirit of Danskin. Her versatility in dance, modeling, and acting allow her to stand out for this week’s #DanskinDetermination Inspirational Instagram. Even just as a teenager, Kaitlyn radiates the beauty and grit of the Danskin brand through her style, confidence, and personality. She is a standout member in a community of young dancers and an inspiration to her peers to work hard and follow their dreams. Check out some of Kaitlyn’s dancing and modeling highlights here!

Photo Courtesy of @kaitlyn_laurido on Instagram





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  1. Catherine Mowers says:


    I love, love, love the danskin double knit tunic jacket!! I want it in a nice fall pumpkin color, and a nice sage, and a nice cranberry red all for winter!! Can you please order it again!!

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