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Here at Danskin, we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring workouts to share with our readers. When we came across the amazing classes at DanceBody, we just knew we had to share with all of you. We planned on just reviewing the workout on our blog, but lucky for us, we had the opportunity to actually hang out with DanceBody’s mega babe trainers. Check out this exclusive inside look into what makes DanceBody special, unique and ultimately a KILLER workout!

Katia Pryce is the Founder/Creator of DanceBody, started in 2013. She had been a professional dancer for years, and developed the fitness methodology out of her own want to stay lean and in great shape.  Katia always found that when she was in a dance show and working out, she was consistently in better shape than when she would only workout. It was clear this kind of effective dance workout was missing, so she created it! We sat down with Katia for an all access interview!

Danskin (D): What is DanceBody? 

DanceBody (DB): DanceBody is a dance inspired, athletic workout that keeps you shaped like a dancer beyond dance class! The workout is a mix of fun, high impact, dance cardio aerobics to burn fat and is followed by instantly challenging sculpt exercises to target your smaller muscles on the mat. It keeps your body tight and toned, without feeling like you are working out. Dance classes are great for learning dance technique and steps, but DanceBody is a focused and effective way to stay in tip top dancer shape!

(D) When/why did you decide to develop this workout technique and brand?

(DB): I moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue my love of dance and theatre, but quickly found myself deeply attracted to working in the fitness industry. I wanted to meld my love of fitness and dance into one job, so I created DanceBody!

(D): What Makes Dancebody unique?

(DB): It’s accessible! No matter if you’re a dancer or non-dancer, DanceBody is great because it caters to all levels of dance. It’s also super fun! There’s no better way to workout than to torch calories while listening to great music.

Finally, it has results! Dancing is a great way to not only burn fat, but to sculpt the body! Few workouts are as effective- 60 minutes of DanceBody is all you need for well rounded, dynamic workout for all levels.


(D): What advice would you offer someone who is struggling with their body image?

(DB): The body is temporary. It truly is! Especially for women, we go through so many different phases in life, and each phase is very temporary. Character, integrity, work ethic, ambition – these are all permanent traits. But a body is always moldable, and the only one in control of that is yourself! If you are struggling with your body image, the only one who can fix it is you. Either change your mindset from something like: “My butt is so big, I wish it was smaller” to “My lower body is so strong, I’m lucky to be healthy” or change your eating habits to feel better, or change your workouts to see your body morph.

Comparison is the number one thing that holds us back – never compare yourself to others. Work from what you have, and go from there. It is the ONLY way to truly make progress! And also remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! So many people struggle with body image, find a buddy you can talk to and share your thoughts with, it ALWAYS makes you feel better.

(D): What is your favorite success story so far by using the Dancebody method?

I just had a girl start coming to DanceBody classes, she came 14 days in a row, and lost 7 inches off her mid-section! DanceBody, combined with a healthy well rounded diet, I KNOW produces results! And this was a girl who claimed she wasn’t good at dancing at all, and was by all means a newbie… so if she can do it, truly anyone can!

Pretty amazing right?! I bet you are excited to see more and really find out what a DanceBody class actually looks like! Check out our video of the girl’s dancing to Sorry by Justin Bieber!

To find out more about DanceBody and where to sign up check out their website. To shop their looks from our shoot, head over to!

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