Meet our January Ballerina, New York City Ballet’s Indiana Woodward!

Indiana Woodward is a Corps de Ballet dancer with New York City Ballet! We had the opportunity to interview Indiana about her Dance background and here is what she had to say:

Photo credit: Paul Kolnik


Danskin (D): How did you first start dancing?

Indiana Woodward (IW): I used to dance everywhere I went, regardless of my surroundings. My dad used to call it “la danse du soleil,” which means “the sun dance” in French. When I was eight years old I started to take ballet more seriously at Westside Ballet in Los Angeles. From there I studied with Yuri Grigoriev from ages 10-15, before attending the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia for two months, and then finally on to the School of American Ballet (the official school of New York City Ballet).

D: What led you to NYCB?

IW: I had auditioned at SAB on my way to Russia and it was SAB who gave me my first scholarship. I was so excited to be given a scholarship that I had to attend! I completely fell in love with the technique and the company—and the rest is history. NYCB feels like home now!

Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik

D: What are your pre-performance rituals?

IW: Before a performance, I always have a B12 gummy and a hardboiled egg. And I always listen to some pump up music, usually cheesy hits from the 2000s. I also always wear a pair of earrings from dancers who inspire me.

D: After a long day, what is your favorite activity to unwind with?

IW: I love taking baths and watching movies or listening to music. I also love going outside—near water or trees especially!

Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik

D: Do you cross train? What is your favorite way to exercise outside of ballet and why?

IW: I absolutely love Pilates, Gyrotonic, swimming, and riding my bike. I ride my bike every day to and from work and it makes me so happy to be outside while getting some cardio in. Pilates and Gyro are for strength and lengthening for me, and swimming is a wonderful way to flush all the lactic acid out of my body.

Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik

New York City Ballet will be performing at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center from January 17 to February 26. For more information, visit

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