5 Ways To Style Your Danskin Leggings!

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

Whether you’re sweating your way through a long run, chassé-ing across the floor in a dance class or working on your core in yoga, Danskin does it all. As an active lifestyle brand committed to women who live exciting (and often exhausting) lives, our goods will take you anywhere you need to go. And we mean anywhere. You might rely on sports bras and leotards to get you through workouts and classes, but given the festive season (you know, the one where all you do is eat), we’re taking a moment to appreciate the tried-and-true black leggings. They’re easy, they’re classic, they’re comfortable and, most importantly, they’re incredibly versatile. It might be a fun time of year to welcome the glitz and glam, but there comes a point where leggings are simply the best option. And here are 5 ways to wear ‘em.

  1. Underneath a cozy knit: There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa after a big meal—and elastic leggings plus an enormous sweater make digestion a little more bearable. Opt for a turtleneck style for maximum cozy factor.
  2. With layers and layers piled on top: Classic black leggings are the perfect base to any layered look. Start with a tank, add a light sweater, tie a plaid button-down around your waist, throw on a cool anorak and finish it off with a scarf and/or a beanie and voile! you’ve got a perfect autumn look that you can add to or take away from to as you go about your insane Black Frida shopping. It’s all about body temperature.
  3. Paired with your fave fall boots: Lace-ups, buckles, pointed toe, chunky heel or over-the-knee are all fair game here. Your favorite style of boot can instantly add a dose of personality to your otherwise basic leggings. Accessories are always the key!
  4. As an anchor for your amazing cape or coat: You know that awesome winter coat you saved up for this season that you want to take every opportunity to wear? Wear it now. With anything, including leggings, obviously. Your legging layer will ensure that you’ll stay comfortable—but warm—as you traverse the chilly city streets and will appear simple enough to let the coat do most of the talking. Bonus points if it’s long and has a belt to cinch at the waist.

    Image via Closetful of Clothes

  5. Athleisure-ly: Obviously! Throw on your coolest kicks and make a fashion statement out of your athletic attire. We’re obsessed with sicker-than-your-average-running sneakers and loud-and-proud graphic tees. It’s okay to look a little too cool to convince everyone that you’re actually hitting the gym—there’s no doubt that trendy workout wear is the new streetwear, and we’re a-OK with that.

Feeling fashionably inspired? So are we :)! Head to Danskin.com to stock up on our black leggings.

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  1. Susan Collins says:

    I like danskin workout clothes but I wish you would make some winter bottoms in bright colors that are bootcut and not skinny leg .

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